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Where Art meets Classical Music - learn, listen & get creative
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Coloured-in Tchaikovsky
Musical Illustrations
Colour your favorite composers and instruments. Bring everything to life through your unique artistic style.
Read Composer Biographies
Biographical Facts
Learn about the most influential composers, not through textbooks, but through a relaxing and artistic journey.
Listen to the recommended masterpieces
Iconic Music
Immerse yourself in the world of classical music with our thoughtfully suggested music selections.
Over 300+ copies sold worldwide.
Suitable for individuals with or without classical music experience, our coloring book is a perfect fit for beginners and musicians of all ages. With over 200 copies sold, it has gained popularity amongst music enthusiasts and creative minds.
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5 Star Review from Amazon
5 Star Review from Amazon
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Beautiful artwork submitted by Mel
Young child learning classical music through our colouring book