The Classical Music Colouring Book

"MyMozArtExperience" guides you through the world of classical music by combining music listening with art.

The 3 main elements:

  • Colouring pages
  • Recommended music for each composer
  • Biographical Facts about composers
This book was designed to be enjoyable for newcomers and life-long lovers of classical music. Beginners can discover music and learn new facts, while seasoned musicians can enrich their artistic expression as they colour their favourite composers.
Classical Colouring book with headphones
Classical Colouring book with headphones
Original Illustrations
There are 26 pages of original illustrations hand drawn by the author. Artworks portray classical music in a fun and recognisable style, including:
  • Composers (such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach)
  • Instruments
  • Musical Notations
  • Beautiful Backgrounds
There is a mix of simple and complex illustrations, as well as free space to add personal touches around your favourite composers. Irrespective of your age or artistic abilities, the coloring pages welcomes all to unleash their creative expressions.
Recommended Music & Mindfulness
Each composer comes with a recommended selection of their best musical works.
Combining music and art can also serve as a therapeutic outlet for relaxation and mindfulness. The book encourages individuals to immerse in the music and in artistic expression, promoting a sense of calm and escape from everyday stressors.
As such, our colouring book can be a great resource to help alleviate anxiety, enhance mental well-being and facilitate musical discovery.
Recommended music to enhance your coloring experience and musical discovery
Classical Colouring book with headphones
Biographies & Musical Facts
The biographical snippets promote a deeper understanding of music history by uncovering stories and insights about the famous composers.
This unique resource not only provides valuable historical knowledge but also offers a creative outlet as you color and learn about their remarkable contributions and journeys that shaped music history.

Who is it for?

Our colouring book was designed to suit anyone with or without classical music exposure. Our fans range from children, adults and parents!

For newcomers to classical music, MyMozartExperience will introduce you to different composers and highlight some iconic masterpieces you can't miss.

For classical music fans or musicians, MyMozartExperience becomes a delightful creative outlet for you to create artworks that pay homage to your favourite composers and instruments.

Young child smiles as he colours in his classical music colouring book
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Perfect for Musicians or Introducing Classical Music to Anyone
Community Gallery

Take a look at the artworks submitted by our growing community of classical music fans of all ages!

Beautiful artwork submitted by Mel
Rainbow Mozart coloured by a parent and her son